Socially and ecologically
uplifting architecture


We imagine a world where quality built environments are accessible to all. Our aim is to discover holistic solutions for contemporary challenges, and compose spaces that delight and inspire.

Our designs are responsive to social context and play a role within their ecosystems, yet stand out as expressions of human ingenuity and creativity.

For us, architecture is more than just about making buildings, but a process of engaging communities, and empowerment through skills sharing and participation.

GroundUP is a registered architectural consultancy that offers professional design expertise and sustainable solutions in locations around the world.

Our team of qualified professionals work in partnership with nonprofit, public, and private organizations, to design projects as diverse as resilient school reconstructions in Nepal, to an environmental research center in rural China, to luxury eco-safari lodges in Botswana.

Our intention is to create positive change in sensitive locations, so we balance our time and resources between individual client based projects, and not-for-profit humanitarian initiatives.

We offer services that encompass every aspect of delivering a building, from concept design to completion.

Our architects and designers develop solutions based on careful assessment of context, resources and needs. We collaborate with local partners to reach conclusions that are appropriate and realistic.

In every project we aim to explore new techniques and materials, so offer hands-on support during the construction phase. We remain involved in the entire process in order to ensure smooth operations and superior craftsmanship.

We often use our projects as platforms for training to share knowledge, popularize alternatives to building conventions, and maximize our social impact beyond the bounds of a single structure.


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