Location: Tuli Block, Botswana
Client: Tuli Game Reserve
Project: Exotic bird watching lodge
Cost: 220 000BWP
Status: Completed 2013
Area: 100 m2
Architect: Frederik Dolmans with PMA
Photos: Tuli Game Reserve


Tuli game reserve wished to build a tented lodge to rent out to family, friends and tourists. It was to be dynamic in form, sensitive to nature, and sit comfortably on the slope of a hill enabling full view of the spectacular landscape and exotic birds in the area.

The proposed communal building bridges two sides of a small valley with a brook running through it. It contains a kitchen, dining room, lounge and washroom. Six sleeping units are dispersed on either side of the slope, connected by a raised boardwalk. The roof and walls are made of two layers of canvas, supported on a timber frame. The structure sits on a concrete slab resting on pillars, lessening its footprint and impact.


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