Location: Takure, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal
Partner: Conscious Impact
Project: Elementary school
Cost: 1 500 000NPR
Status: Fundraising
Area: 600 m2
Architect: Frederik Dolmans


Takure was one of the hardest hit village during the first earthquake of 2015. This left most of the stone houses and community structures destroyed, including many of the education facilities. Conscious Impact and YUWA Unity Nepal were established to offer an alternative path to rebuilding in Nepal. A training center was constructed to produce and distribute Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEBs) for the reconstruction of local buildings.

The rebuilding of the Takure school is intended to showcase the viability and advantages of construction with CSEBs. This represents a collaborative effort between local community members and international volunteers. The school will provide healthy and safe learning spaces for local children and to stand as examples of alternative building choices. Special care has been taken to design a resilient and earthquake resistant structure. It is hoped that this will be an inspiration for communities across the region.


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