Location: Taigu, Shaanxi, China
Competition: Gezitou village council
Project: Sustainable agri-tourism village
Cost: 15 000 000RMB
Status: Conceptual
Area: 1 190 000 m2
Architect: Iroje & Frederik Dolmans
Drawings: Iroje & Frederik Dolmans


A wealthy benefactor wished to invest in the sustainable redevelopment of his home village, in rural of Shanxi Province. His vision was to upgrade the urban fabric of the community so that locals could enjoy a better lifestyle. This would require a large-scale redevelopment of the town's infrastructure and the reconstruction of many of the homes into more comfortable and functional townhouses.

In order to foster the longterm success of the town, a portion of the municipal territory would be reserved for villas, with the intention of attracting wealthy vacationers. The income generated from this tourism would help finance facilities and programs, such as schools, clinics and cultural amenities. The village is the ancestral home of the famous philosopher, Mengzi (孟子), and houses his mother's shrine, which is a popular site to visit. An aspect of the project would be to build a park area in honour of this piece of historical culture. Leisure and recreation amenities would be constructed, such as a spa, sports center, theatre space and museum, to service both tourists and locals.

Being a predominantly agrarian community, an aspect of the project would be to develop an agricultural research center, where new and alternative farming practices could be tested and introduced. These new techniques would replace the environmentally harmful systems that are currently used in the countryside. A winery would be built so that local farmers could transition their properties into vineyards, which are a higher value crop.


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