Location: Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Client: Flora Wu
Project: Raw food workshop & restaurant
Cost: 50 000RMB
Status: Design development
Area: 100 m2
Architect: Frederik Dolmans
Renders: Frederik Dolmans


The client runs a small business preparing organic, raw food. She wished to set up a building on her family farm where she could host workshops to teach people how to make her recipes. The food would all be grown on the site, and unprocessed, so she wished to have a building that symbolized that relationship. The area is rich in beautifully texture soil of a variety of colours, and has an abundance of bamboo. These where the base building elements for the structure.

The workshop follows a simple floorplan, which allows for a versatility of function. On occasions the client wanted the space to act as a small restaurant, host yoga and meditation events, and be a fun space where children and adults can learn about how to prepare healthy food.


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