Location: Dongtai, Jiangsu, China
Client: Harajuku permaculture farm
Project: Educational workshop series
Cost: 1 000RMB
Status: Completed
Area: 40 m2
Architect: Frederik Dolmans
Photos: Various


GroundUP hosted three two-week natural building workshops to introduce earthbag construction techniques to rural villages in China. Participants came from all parts of the country to learn the technique for themselves and participate in the construction of a guesthouse.

Earthbags are an innovative building method that allow structures to be assembled using local soil, even if it is of a poor quality. The local soil available on the site is predominantly silt, which makes other forms of earthen constriction almost impossible.

These workshops explored the cost-effectiveness and practicallity of earthbags as a building material. Besides the rice sacks and barbed wire, all other materials were sourced from the site itself. The first of three domes was completed for under 200RMB (30USD).

When complete the building will serve as a guesthouse for people to stay at Harajuku farm for prolonged periods, to learn about permaculture farming practices and reconnect with nature.


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