Location: Ratanikiri, Cambodia
Competition: Building Trust International
Project: Pre-fab, low-cost shelter
Cost: 500USB
Status: Conceptual
Area: 25 m2
Architect: Frederik Dolmans
Renders: Frederik Dolmans


Many parts of rural Cambodia are prone to unexpected flooding events that are becoming more and more frequent as a result of climate change and large-scale industrial river damming projects.

This project proposes a pre-fab, low-cost emergency shelter for families that have had their homes destroyed. It aims to provide them with a place to live ad work, as the community responds to the disaster.

The design responded directly to the needs and values of those living in rural Cambodia, considering contextual and environmental factors. The shelters promote health, are safe to live in, are affordable and attractive. Each unit can constructed with a minimal budget of 500USD.

The structure employs sustainable design strategies, such as rainwater collection, waste composting, clean sanitation disposal, and used only recycled or renewable local construction materials. The structural system was simple, but allowed dynamic arrangements to fit surroundings and family requirements. The prefabricated frame components are easy to assemble, so that residents can perform the construction themselves and adapt the form to their specific needs.


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